Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What we're buying today!!

You all know every Wednesday is buying day!  Every week I post and ask for suggestions, and give some of you a chance to pimp your books.  I try to choose one book from this list and the others all go on the 'to buy eventually' list.  The second book I choose is one from the 'to buy eventually' list.  Then the third, I randomly pick and choose something that looks interesting and preferably doesn't have a lot of reviews.  That means that even if, in my hasty choosing, the book sucks, at least I'm not doing it a lot of damage. A bad review is better than no review!

So what did we buy this week??

We're starting off with Bloodmark by Aurora Whittet.  It's the beginning of a trilogy about werewolves.  Alright, it's a lot more involved than that, but I read the first two books and I loved them.  Hopefully, next week someone will remind me to get the third book in the series.  This was in my suggested post because I asked for a reminder to rebuy it.  This will probably be my third hard copy of it.  I keep finding people who I think will love it and giving my copy away.  So, I need to replenish the library!

Next up, we have Pulse of Evil by Phillip Tomasso.  This one was on my 'to buy eventually' list and looked pretty appealing.  Who doesn't love a good psycho?! also promises Catholics and vampires.  This should be a fun ride!  And if it isn't, you know you'll all hear about it!

So the third book I chose this week, is one of those wonderful random finds.  It's called Cannibals in Love by Mike Roberts.  It's promising me to be funny and horrific, and it better deliver.  Everyone that knows me knows how much I adore cannibals!  This might finally be a romance I can sink my teeth into ;)

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