Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Bunny and the Mysterious Butterfly by Carmel Rivello Art by Toby Mikle

Reviewed by Ashlee

The book was about a bunny that as lonely and he was dreaming and he was dreaming about a butterfly who came to visit.  The butterfly was mysterious because the bunny didn't know who the butterfly was.  Also, the bunny's friends came to visit because they all moved away and left the bunny all alone in the middle of a farm. It works out really good for them. The reason it works good for the bunny is because he got to see his friends.  Also, because the bunny knew that his friends were okay.  It worked out really good for the bunny's friends because they knew that the bunny was safe and okay.

I thought that the book was really good because it explained how the bunny was feeling.  also, you could tell if the bunny and his friends are upset or not by the pictures and the wording of the book.

I thought that the characters were really good and very sensitive.  I think that characters are really good because they are harmless.  I also think that the characters are very sensitive because they are very emotional.

I think the pictures are very good.  They are very colorful and I think that the pictures go along really good with the text in this book.

There aren't many words per page.  There is like twenty or more words on each page.  There is nothing unusual about the characters or anything in this book besides that the animals talk.  I like this book because it is sad and funny at the same time.

I think that children three years or older would like this book.  If they have their parents read it to them their parents will enjoy this book too.

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