Friday, September 2, 2016

War God Rising by Tim Marquitz

I've been following Tim on social media for some time.  He's just...a unique personality that brings realness and joy.  Because I love his personality, I was pretty sure I'd love his books.  Wednesday, I grabbed a few to check them out.

I started with War God Rising, because how could I not?!  With a book cover like that and promising humor?!  It's right up my alley!

So..I really want to skip writing a review and just tell you that if you haven't had your funny bone removed, just stop reading here and go buy the book.  Seriously.  It's one of those books that you HAVE to share with others.  I've already sent gift copies.  If it becomes available in hard copy, I will be ordering a few.  I need one for the office library and it's a great gift idea.  What's better than giving someone action, adventure, humor and lots of nasty smells?  Alright, I added that last one in for my little guy who is completely obsessed with stink feet right now.

It's easy to say something is funny, but let me illustrate just how funny it is.  Here I was, happily reading in the office, when suddenly I burst out with laughter so hard that my abdomen began to cramp up.  I'm talking Santa Claus belly laughs!  I disturbed the children on the other side of the house.  I had to get up and find somebody so that I could share what happened.  After they fell asleep, I had to start texting people to tell them what was so funny.  It's the kind of funny that you have to share because it's absolutely brilliant.

In between the funny, we have a wonderful adventure and unforgettable characters.  They're...captivating.  That's the word.  Captivating.  They're exquisitely created so that you immediately care about them and need them in your life.  If these were real people, I'd probably be staggering not sober every weekend.  They may not be real, but I love them and they're my friends now.

Marquitz really separates himself from the pack with this one.  In nearly every book that I've found humorous, the cause of the laughter is the dialogue.  It's easy to make people funny.  Alright, it's not easy.  Especially if you haven't had a lot of practice.  However, making people funny is way easier than making your story funny.  You know those great bits of the story that everyone skims over?  'Oh look...description of her running across a prairie...let's skim and get back to the action.'  Yes...that part.  You can't do that in this book!  The characters are hilarious(!) but the best parts of the book are hidden in those areas.  You HAVE to read the stuff you normally don't read because that's where the best stuff is!

I cannot believe that for less than $3, I was treated to such an experience as this.  There's still popcorn on my floor where I was attempting to eat while reading.  Silly me!  I can't imagine one single person out there being disappointed with exchanging one cup of Starbucks for this stellar read.

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