Monday, October 10, 2016

If You Were Me and Lived in Elizabethan England by Carole P. Roman


This book is part of the Civilizations Throughout Time series.  It's intended for children at about a third grade reading level.  It's packed tight with information so that children will gain exposure to lots of new things.  That way, later when someone mentions something about/from that era, the child can make connections.  'Oh!  I remember reading that!'

The artwork in this one is more Saturday morning cartoonish.  It's relatively dark.  The pages with the writing on them are light purple with dark lettering, so the writing shows up pretty well.

This was a really informative book.  You learn where the expression 'It's raining cats and dogs' comes from in this book!

This is one of the shorter books in the series, so if you're transitioning from the Cultures Around the World series, this one might be a good choice for a beginner as well as Colonial America.

The information here feels a little lighter so it doesn't feel heavy with facts.  It was a relatively quick read.  It's really fun to compare Elizabethan England with current times.  For example, back then, nobody drank water.  Can you imagine?

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