Friday, October 14, 2016

Surprise! We're putting in a bonus order this week!!

After finishing Damaged, I realized I needed a hard copy.  So, I'm cheating a bit!  I can't just put it on my 'to buy' list because I know I'll keep putting it off since I've read it, and then I won't have it here when I want to read it again.  So I'm buying it now.  However!  I don't use Amazon Prime because most of the features are useless to me.  So!  That means I need another book to get free shipping!  Hurray!!!  So here's what we're buying on Surprise Bonus Buying Day!!

Damaged...because it rocks!  Seriously!  And Shawn King's artwork is only part of the beauty here!  Just look at that cover!  You know you want it, too!

So, I still needed to spend $10.01 for free shipping.  So I pulled up my handy dandy 'to buy' list (thanks a lot for the flash back, Blues Clues)  and picked the book that I had closest to that amount.  Ta da!  I know nothing about it except that it'll be awesome!  And if it isn't, you guys will hear from me about it.  It's a Ragnarok book though, so I'm pretty positive I'll love it.  Hey Ragnarok!  You guys are awesome!

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