Thursday, October 20, 2016

What did we order this week???

I put in our order last night, but I'm just now getting to tell you about it!  I get so darn excited!  New books!  You'd think that I'd run out of space for them!  The fact is, I have two back up bookcases just waiting for me to figure out where I want to put them so I can fill them!  I may have to take out another bedroom for a second library!  I'm ok with that!  On to business!

Our first book this week is from our suggested list.  Thanks to L.F. Falconer for suggesting it!  It actually looks pretty intriguing and I'm sure one or more of our reviewers will want to read it after I've finished!  Or list is pretty full!  I'm really hoping that we all love it, because the sequel is due to come out in December!  That's only two months away!

Our second book comes from the 'to buy' list.  You all should know by now that every book suggested gets put on the list.  Not only that, random books that I come across that look good get added.  Then, I add in new releases by authors that I know I will love.  So, my list is getting pretty lengthy!  This week, we bought Whittet's Bloodmoon.  It's the final installment in the trilogy and I'm excited to finally have the full set again.  I've replaced it several times because I keep finding people who  need to read it :)  On another note, Aurora just finished up a book for children on how to cope when a parent has cancer.  It's called Mama's Knight and is available here.  We adore Aurora and wish her continued success!

The third book on our list is usually something that just randomly looks interesting.  I've come up with some real nightmares from this practice, but I've also gotten some surprise gems.  So this week, I searched for 'underling' and came up with something that looks promising!  There's only one review, and it's by the author's grandmother.  However!  The review seems to be thoughtfully and truthfully written!  Thank you Grandma!  You sold me this book!

Normally, we'd be stopping there...three books.  But!!!  We work a little differently here than most review places.  One of our reviewers has requested a specific book to read, so we're adding that to the list this week!  I'm hoping it's an awesome read and I can't wait to see the review!

One last book!  Since it's October, we're ordering a book from the Vampire Books for Blood list!  I've really had a lot of fun with this this month!  Since I cannot donate blood, it's nice to be able to help an author add a bit of funds to their donation!  I chose this one, mostly because I think all of my reviewers will enjoy it as much as I will.  The author is donating one dollar to the ARC for each book sold in October! However, if you're not really interested in a hard copy, just an FYI, the Kindle version is currently on sale for 99 cents!

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