Tuesday, October 4, 2016

What should we buy this week?!

Tomorrow is ordering day!  I'm super excited!  Every week I order from three different categories:  book suggested on Tuesday, books on the 'to buy' list, and something that randomly looks interesting.

Since it's Tuesday, feel free to leave suggestions here or on our Facebook page!  If you've read anything recently you want us to check out, let us know!  If you're an author, have a new book, want to tell us about an old one, let us know!  Even if we've already read and reviewed it, chances are that one of our readers haven't!

Every book that we don't order from Tuesday's suggestions goes into our 'to buy' list on Amazon.  What a handy tool!  So, even if I don't choose your book, rest assured it will eventually be bought, read and reviewed!  Hopefully, it will be loved!

As for my random books, I tend to look for indie authors that have few reviews.  I guess I'm still a fan of cheering for the under dog :)  Maybe in an alternate life I was Sweet Polly Purebred :)

Now, this month we're doing things a little differently.  This month is Vampire Books for Blood.  Every Wednesday when we do our ordering, we're also going to be ordering one of the VBB books!  Not only will we get some great exposure to authors we haven't read (other than Maggie Shayne...has anyone not read her?!), but we'll also be doing a tiny part to help out.  If you're a VBB author or publisher, feel free (I URGE YOU!!!)   to share with us what 'deal' you have going on this month!

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