Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What did we buy this week?!?! I can't wait to show you!

Firstly, I'm sad to announce that this is the last purchase for Vampire Books for Blood.  I've really enjoyed taking part in this this year, and I'm anxiously looking forward to seeing next year's offerings in October.  If you haven't participated this year, it's not too late.  Simply go to their web site, find a book you're interested in, and buy it.  That's it!  Then the authors/publishers will donate to the American Red Cross or Canadian Blood Services.  Our final VBB purchase this month is Jane the Hippie Vampire by Lisa Lane.  Lane is donating 100 percent of the profits from Jane the Hippie Vampire sales this month.  That's right!  She's not making a penny!  She's donating it all!

You all know how my system works by now!  I pick a book from the Tuesday Suggested post and purchase it.  All the others go into the 'to buy' list.  This week, I had two reviewers request books, so they get first dibs.  Everyone else has gone on the 'to buy' list!  Don't fret!

The first book is Finding Claire Fletcher by Lisa Regan.  I know absolutely nothing about it, but I'm anxious to read the review! It does look wonderfully creepy!

The second book suggested by a reviewer is Fire Star.  It's the third book in D'lacey's series and our reviewer is working his way through all of them!  That means I'll have a complete set in the library to read, just in case I break an ankle or something!

Next, I purchase something off of the 'to buy' list.  This week, it was pretty easy.  Don't get me wrong...there  are a zillion and four books I want on my 'to buy' list!  But...Ed Erdelac seemed to me that he wasn't having the most pleasant of weeks, so I looked at my list to see what I had listed of his on there.  And behold!  A treasure that I'd put on there a couple of weeks ago and it had gotten lost in the shuffle of other exciting books!  Emergence:  A Humanity 2.0 Novel.  It's published by Ragnarok, so you know it has to be good!  It gathers some of my favorite people and has them write about superhumans in a shared world.  Sounds perfect!

My list pick is always something that I randomly find.  Usually, I try my best to go for a book that has as few reviews as possible, yet still has something intriguing about it.  Cannibals in Love is my only failure so far, but at least it looks really cool on the book shelf.  So this week, let's see what I can come up with!  This last one is always the most difficult!  But I came across a bunch of really neat stuff while looking!  I finally settled on a box set!  I love box sets!  Hopefully, the series won't be devastatingly horrible since I'll have them all!  We're going to try the Shadow Children set!  Sounds intriguing, right?!

That's our list for this week!  If you haven't check out the joint giveaway that Minding Spot and I are doing, you should!  There's a plethora of great stuff being given away!  Only a few days left to enter!  Don't forget to show up on Tuesday and let me know what I should buy next week!

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