Saturday, October 1, 2016

Vampire Books for Blood

With the month of October, comes a unique opportunity for you to take part in a charity.  Vamp Books for Blood was founded a couple of years ago by author Scott Burtness.  Authors and publishers take part and agree to donate a share of the sales of their books to The American Red cross and Canadian Blood Services.  All you have to do is buy a book from one of the participating authors or publishers during the month of October.  For example, Burtness is promising to donate one dollar for every book of Wisconsin Vamp sold this month.

It is our plan to partake of Vamp Books for Blood in our own way.  You all know that we do ordering on every Wednesday.  For the month of October, each week we will make sure that we purchase at least one book will add to the charity donation.

This is a great time for you to start doing a little Christmas book shopping and help out some great people at the same time!

If you're an author or publisher who would like to take part, or if you'd just like more information, please follow the link.

How do you know which books are viable?  See the list below!

DonnaInk Publications, LLC
Double Dragon Publishing
Pumpjack Press
World Weaver Press

C.S. Anderson
Alison Armstrong
Dean Baker
Scott M. Baker
Alison Beightol
Scott Burtness
Rachel Carr
Jeff Dawson
Katja Desjarlais
Rob Ferreri
R. David Fulcher
C.D. Gallant-King
Michelle Gantz
James Garcia
Sandrine Genier
Jeanie Grey
Susie Griscom
Rick Gaultieri
Amy Hoff
Lisa Lane
Cate Lawley
Susanne Leist
Zeece Lugo
Patricia Lynne
Brian McKinley
K.D. McQuain
Claudette Melanson
T.P. Miller
Lindy Moone
Stephen Morris
Nicholas Paschall
Dave Robertson
Dea Schofield
Maggie Shayne
Martin Sigournay
Aaron L. Speer
G.A. Stratton
L.D. Towers

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