Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Mysterious Vanishing Place by Charles A. Salter

This is the second book in the Kare Kids series.  I really enjoy these.  They're meant for second to fourth grade reading level, depending upon the level of help you have.  They feature good, wholesome characters.  

In the first Kare Kids book, The Secret of Bald Rock Island, we meet a little girl named Kelcie.  In this second book, she's all grown up and the star of the show is her daughter, Charlotte.  

Charlotte rescues a puppy and notices that the ground seems to be sinking.  

As in the first book, this was a great, fast read.  I think a lot of children would snap this up.  There are also some great lessons here.  Charlotte learns about loving something enough to want what's best for it.  We all get some interesting lessons on sinkholes and safety.  There's a valuable lesson on friendship.  Even though there are lots of lessons, it's provided in an entertaining way so that children will get the point without being bored or possibly even realizing that they're learning.

In my book, this entire series so far is a huge thumbs up.  I love the characters and that there's an element of danger.  The danger gives the children a chance to be brave, yet learn good judgment.  The morals in these stories aren't the same as what I've seen in most children's books.  I, myself, would have devoured these when I was that age.

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