Thursday, October 13, 2016

What did we order this week?!?! Come see!

I swear, it's getting harder and harder to choose which to buy each week!  And that's an awesome thing!

To start off with, since Nathan Boyce was the first one to post a book on the 'what should we buy' thread, I'm totally buying his book!  It's called Ascent of the Unwanted and it's the first book in the Chronicles of Unfortunate Heroes.  I didn't read anything else about it, but it looks super fun!  Thanks for pointing me towards it, Nathan!

Also, from our new list, I picked up Chris D'Lacey's Icefire.  One of my reviewers is working his way through the series (again!)  and is ready for the second book.  I'm anxious to read the reviews of these!

Next up, we have our purchase from our 'to buy' list.  This is the most difficult list to choose from because there are so many books I want...ALL OF THEM!  But, last week when I posted and asked what I should buy, one book really stuck with me.  I couldn't pass it up this week.  Josh Brannan, we're picking up Bookland this week!  I can't wait to fall in love with it!

Alright, now we have our random pick of the week.  This week, I did a search for the word 'porker' and was surprised by the results!  There were quite a few to choose from!  What I settled on is Eight Fingered Fiend of Lake Porker by Fletcher Best.  I don't know anything about him or the book, but the cover looks entertaining and it only has a few reviews.  I just hope I'm not getting myself into another Cannibals in Love situation!

Lastly, my  most important purchase for the week.  I've posted several things about this, but this month is Vampire Books for Blood.  If you have a vampire book out there, seriously take a look at joining them next year.  It's a great, worthy cause.  If you don't have a vampire book, seriously consider buying one of the books this month that's posted in VBB.

Our choice for VBB book this week is The Line by Rob Ferreri.  I don't know anything about it, but I do know Rob has agreed to donate 60 percent of royalties from this book sold this month to the American Red Cross.  That's pretty sweet, Rob!  Thank you!

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